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Travis Scott arrested, Birds Eye View gets blur a bit


Jacques Webster Jr., better known as Travis Scott got arrested on 13th of May, 2017 during one of his concert at Arkansas which was a part of his long tour ‘Birds Eye View’. Everything was going fine until he broke the security protocols and encouraged the crowd to force themselves towards the stage which endangered a minor and many were injured including a cop and a security guard.
This is not the first time Travis Scott got into trouble due to his habit of showing love to his fans by breaking the security protocols. Earlier in 2015, he was arrested from Lollapalooza in Chicago for exciting the crowd and encourage them to jump over the security barriers. More recently, Mr. Scott at one of his concerts of this same tour,’Birds Eye View’, encouraged fans to jump from balcony which caused them breaking their legs.
Mr. Scott should better hire a stunt-man to train his audiences and fans before his concerts to lessen the casualties and also his troubles with the security issues. Too much of anything can harm is what people say and Mr. Scott seem to justify every bit of it by showing too much encouragement for his fans because he loves his fans too much and he’s breaking too many security protocols and hence, he’ll have to face too many law personalities in the coming days.
Not much later of the news, ‘Travis Scott Arrested’, went viral and people went crazy hearing their source of encouragement going behind the bars, Travis Scott was released without any bail. But, he will have to visit Arkansas for a court date.
If a biography has to be made on Mr. Travis Scott, apart from his artistic achievements, the fact that he’s a great source of encouragement for masses and a messiah for people who wants to break the security protocol of concerts needs to be included. As Spiderman said,” With great power, comes great responsibility”, Mr. Scott took it in a little different way. According to Mr. Scott, ‘With great stardom, comes great irresponsibility’, is what his actions speak.
Ironic enough, on a tour whose name is ‘Birds Eye View’, Mr. Scott preferred to have a zoom in by calling the audiences near the stage and not enjoying the ‘Birds Eye View’ of the audiences at the back. If a man is not even bothered about how to abide by his tour title, how can anyone expect him to abide by the security protocols? High hopes!
Looking at his past records, this is definitely not his last piece of encouragement for the audiences for sure and hence more security protocols are expected to get broken in the near future and may be now a tag can be given to Mr. Scott with the honor of ‘The man who encouraged to endanger lives in concerts’. So, as the tour resumes, many more legal happenings can be expected.
On a serious note, the future security protocols must be framed in a way that no more lives get endangered by the tantrums of big celebrities and the upcoming tour stops should be well aware of what happened at Arkansas and take the precautionary measures that are needed to organize a safe concert.


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